Mediocre Mario Brothers Process

I was honestly very frustrated working with just MIDI. If my Mac had enough room for more than three MIDI loops in GarageBand, I think I would’ve had a much more pleasant experience. Despite this, I was forced to try Soundtrap and was able to get familiar with a different program. I downloaded the Super Mario Brothers theme song and the underground theme (my two favorites) from a sketchy looking website and one of my drum patterns from Groove Pizza. I used the Dubstepper drum kit to create basic, shorter, non-looped beats. The Mario Brothers themes were defaulted to the Rhodes and 1984 synthesizers, which I kept to keep that classic video game timbre.

Despite my frustration throughout everything, I’m still relatively happy with the way the song turned out. I wasn’t planning on using an already-known theme – and a very popular one at that – but because I didn’t have enough MIDI loops in GarageBand and I couldn’t create my own loop-style song like last time, this is where my creativity turned. If I did have unlimited room to download more content into GarageBand, I would’ve used that only. If I had the patience, I would have also tried learning other techniques that I don’t even currently know about. I’m positive there are much better remixes and plays on Super Mario Brothers music, but as far as my circumstances are concerned, I’m not upset with my result.


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