Oboe in the Jungle Remix Process

I used Alex Lemma’s Oboe in the Jungle for my remix project. Being as this was a song from our first project, not only did I like the way it sounded when I first heard it, but I had some ideas of my own as well. Plus, Alex being a good friend of mine, it was easy to communicate back and forth if I had any questions or comments.

Unfortunately, because I have little space on my Mac, I didn’t have all of the loops Alex used in his song, so I wasn’t able to alter individual tracks. So instead, I downloaded the full song from SoundCloud and just cut sections and altered dynamics the best I could where I desired. I also added four more loops to give it the extra kick I think it needed to complete that “jungle” effect.

I first used an 80s Classic Lead Synth with the beginning of his song to fill out the percussion section a bit more. I completely left the drop alone, as it’s possibly my favorite part of the entire song. But after a few measures of the unaltered song playing, I added a Big Snare Roll Topper loop gradually getting louder underneath to propel the music forward a bit and lead up to another mini drop. This mini drop introduced the last two loops: Altered State Beat and Heavy Kicker Beat. I remember Professor Hein saying he expected an obnoxious beat underneath a certain part in the song and I completed agreed. Despite my limited loop library, Heavy Kicker Beat seemed to fill out the song well. From there on out, I simply cut up certain sections and combined different tracks in an attempt to give it a hectic jungle feel.


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