Brooklyn Nights Remix Process

I chose to remix my first song: Brooklyn Nights. Being as this was my first project using GarageBand, I figured this would be the best place to take what I’ve learned so far in class and apply it.

Unlike my peer remix project, I didn’t add or take away any of the original tracks. The only time I altered with the actual placement of loops was in the “breakdown” section, if you will. Instead of just having the cut up loops of the Digging Deep Synth and the Moving On Bell Lead, I also cut up some of the Sharp Dressed Bass loop to give it a little more edge.

Aside from this, all of my other alterations dealt with mixing. I rose the volume for almost all of my drum/beat loops and slightly lowered some of the melodic loops. I also altered some of the crescendos and decrescendos to create smoother and more exciting transitions. So while the song is pretty much the same exact thing as it was before, I made a few mixing tweaks to make it sound a little more balanced and cohesive.


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